Strength Foundations
Strength Foundations
Strength Foundations
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Strength Foundations

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About Strength Foundations

  • 12 Week Strength Program 
  • No Monthly Subscription
  • One-Time Purchase
  • 7 Page Training Guide
  • 16 Page Program (Printable PDF)
  • Lifetime Access To Repeat This Program  

This program is designed to do one thing — BUILD STRENGTH!

In the next 12 weeks, you will focus on developing strength in the high bar back squat, bench press, clean grip deadlift and overhead press.

The program utilises an undulating periodisation scheme including periods of higher volume and higher intensity. The accumulation phase are designed to develop muscle mass and a strong base while the intensification phases are designed to train the nervous system and develop maximal strength.

This program is designed for intermediate and advanced lifts who have trained in the gym before.

Program Details
  • 12 Weeks
  • 4 x 3 Week Phases
  • 4 Days / Week
  • 45-60 Minutes / Sessions
    Periodisation Summary
    • Weeks 1-3: Accumulation 1
    • Weeks 4-6: Intensification 1
    • Weeks 7-9:  Accumulation 2
    • Weeks 10-12: Intensification 2
      Periodisation Detail
      • Weeks 1-3: 8,8,6,6,4,4
      • Weeks 4-6: 5x4, 5x3, 5x2
      • Weeks 7-9:  7,7,5,5,3,3
      • Weeks 10-12: 5x3, 5x2, 5x1
      Priority Lifts
      • High Bar Back Squat
      • Bench Press
      • Clean Grip Deadlift
      • Overhead Press
      • A Series: 1 x Strength Exercise 
      • B Series: 2 x Accessory Exercises
      • C Series: 2 x Remedial Exercises 
      Sample Workout
      • A: High Bar Squat 8 x 8,8,6,6,4,4 @ 40X0
      • B1: Good Morning 4 x 12 @ 30X0
      • B2: FFE DB Split Squat 4 x 12 @ 30X0
      • C1: SL Glute Bridge 3 x 15 @ 21X0
      • C2: Weighted Plank 3 x 60sec 


      Strength Foundations uses traditional strength equipment such as barbell and plates, pull up bar, bench, dumbbells, kettlebells and bands. You do not need access to cables, machine or conditioning equipment. Substitutions are encouraged if you don’t have what you need.


      We guarantee your satisfaction. You’ve got 7 days to try the program. If you’re not fully satisfied, let us know and we’ll refund you 100%.

      Follow the plan and see your strength sky rocket in 12 weeks!