Off-Peak Membership: Paid Upfront [Black Friday Sale]

Off-Peak Membership: Paid Upfront [Black Friday Sale]

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⁣We're running our annual Black Friday Sale this weekend.  

We are offering 20% off annual memberships. 

If you know you're going to be around for a while, grabbing the annual membership gives you a full year of training at Movement Enhanced at 80% of what you would usually pay. ⁣

These memberships are paid upfront and strictly valid for 3 days only:

Friday 26/11/21
Saturday 27/11/21
Sunday 28/11/21 

    By purchasing this membership you are agreeing to the terms and conditions below:

    Off-Peak Membership Terms: Restricted access to the group training timetable. Off-peak training times are 9:30am, 12:00pm and 4:00pm. These times may be subject to seasonal changes. 

    Holds / Membership Suspensions: There are no holds or suspensions allowed for annual upfront memberships.  Upfront payments are discounted by 20% to account for holds and suspensions over the year. 

    Refunds: Annual upfront memberships will not be refunded by Movement Enhanced under any circumstances. 

    Account Rollover: Upon completion of the upfront payment period, your account will automatically become active and weekly payments shall resume.  

    Schedule: Once upfront payment has been received by Movement Enhanced, the prepaid period will begin the following week.